Deep Tissue Massage Is A Type of Massage Therapy That Focuses on Realigning Deeper Layers of Muscles and Connective Tissue. It Is Especially Helpful for Chronically Tense and Contracted Areas Such as Stiff Necks, Low Back Tightness, And Sore Shoulders. Some of The Same Strokes Are Used as Classic Massage Therapy, But the Movement Is Slower, And the Pressure Is Deeper and Concentrated on Areas of Tension and Pain. Deep Tissue Massage Works by Physically Breaking Down These Adhesion’s to Relieve Pain and Restore Normal Movement.

Deep Tissue Massage Is Designed to Relieve Severe Tension in The Muscle and The Connective Tissue or Fascia. This Type of Massage Focuses on The Muscles Located Below the Surface of The Top Muscles.

60/90 MINUTES 30/50

Very Gentle Basic Five Movements from Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839) Are Designed to Increase Circulation and To Remove Toxins from Muscles. We Use Firm but Gentle Pressure, Aided by Lotion to Compress, and Relax the Muscles. We Also Create the Stroke That Combines Lymphatic Drainage Massage Movement to Help the Release of Toxins Out of The Body. Swedish Massage Aims to Relax Muscle Tension and Improve Lymphatic and Blood Circulation Through Mild Pressure Applied to The Muscle Groups of The Body. It Is Recommended To Drink A Lot of Water After These Sessions.

60/90 MINUTES 30/50

Pregnancy Is A Magical Time of Life, But It Can Also Be Extremely Uncomfortable!

Studies indicate That Massage Therapy Performed During Pregnancy Can reduce Many Discomforts During Pregnancy and Improve Labor Outcomes and Newborn Health. Massage Therapy Addresses Different Needs Through Varying Techniques, One of Which Is Called Swedish Massage.

Swedish Massage Is the Recommended Massage Method During Pregnancy Because It Addresses Many Common Discomforts Associated with The Skeletal and Circulatory Changes Brought On By Hormone Shifts.


  • Hormone Regulation
  • Reduction of Swelling
  • Improved Oxygenation of Soft Tissue and Muscles
  • Improvement of Nerve reduces Back Pain
  • Improved Circulation & Reduced Edema
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety

There Are Precautions to Pre-natal Massage. Expecting Mothers Should Always Discuss Massage with Their Prenatal Care Provider. Prenatal Massage Is Not Recommended in The First Trimester or The First 16 Weeks of Pregnancy.
The Best Way to Address the Risks of Prenatal Massage Is to be Informed and To Work Together with Knowledgeable Health Care Professionals.


Massage Is Also Super Beneficial After Giving Birth to Your Baby (The Postpartum Period). Whether You Had A Difficult Birth Experience or Your Baby’s Birth Went Smoothly, A Woman’s Body Still Must Undergo Quite A Bit of Structural Realignment. Postpartum Massage Helps Restore Your Muscle Tone in The Abdomen and Re-position the Pelvis.


  • Relieves Tension from The Birthing Process
  • Clears Excess Fluids from The Body More Quickly
  • Hastens Recovery
  • Encourages Pelvic & Abdominal Organs to Return to Pre-Pregnancy Positions
  • Promotes Return to Digestive Function
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Aids in Returning Uterus to Normal Size
  • Checks for Diastasis Recti Decreases
  • Muscle Tension from The Exertion of Labor
  • Addresses Scar Healing Protocol After C-Section
  • If Applicable, Relieves Shoulder, Neck & Arm Tension from Breastfeeding

Postpartum Care Is Important


A Couples Massage Is A Wonderfully Relaxing, Personal Experience. During the Session, Two People Receive Messages at the Same Time, In the Same Room from Two Different Therapists.

There’s No Hard and Fast Rule That Says A Couple’s Massage must be Strictly for Romantic Couples. Couples Massage Is Perfect for All Kinds of Couples. Couples Massage Is Also A Great Way to Reconnect with A Close Friend, Father, Sister, Mother, Daughter, Or Anyone Else. Reserve A Dual Massage Today with Whom You Would Like to Share A Bonding Experience.


  • All the Same Benefits of An individual Massage
  • Helps with Reconnecting and Creating Bonding Opportunities
  • Increased Comfort
  • Increases Feelings of Affection

Enjoy A Couple’s Massage for You and That Special Someone on Date Night.
Gift A Surprise Massage Session to Your Significant Other.

60/90 MINUTES 30/50 ~ PER PERSON

Five to Thirty-Minute Chair Massage Therapy Helps reduce Muscle Tension in The Body Decreasing Chronic Pain and Stress. Tightness in The Muscles Can Contribute to Headaches, Sciatica, Tendonitis, And Low Back and Shoulder Pain from Desk Posture.
People Are Always Surprised and Delighted When Chair Massage is offered at Any Event.


  • Holiday Parties
  • Employee Recognition Events–Top Performers and Hardworking Employees Appreciate Massages, Especially During and After Completing Grueling Projects
  • Employee Health Fairs–Model Good Health by Providing Wellness Services to Employees
  • Athletic Events–Massage Helps Relieve Muscle Soreness
  • Charity Events and Membership Drives–Inspire Attendees to Give to A Great Cause
  • Promotional Events: Industry Conferences, Product Launches, Fund Raising Events, Grand Openings
  • Condominium or Tenant Appreciation Events–Residents Will Appreciate the Special Touch of a Massage
  • Social Events: Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Graduation Parties

60/90 MINUTES 30/50

Giving the Gift of Massage Shows You Care

The Hot Stone Massage Uses A Combination of Warmed Stones and Our Own Massage Techniques to Relax Tense Muscles. The Heat of The Stones Penetrates the Skin to Promote Better Blood Flow, Release Toxins, and Create Deeper Muscle Relaxation Than A Standard Massage. At the Same Time, The Therapist Will Target Acupressure Points – Locations on The Body Which encourage the Flow of Energy and Promote the Body’s Own Healing Process. We Customize the Treatment to Each Client’s Specific Needs and Preferences.

60/90 MINUTES 40/65

Foot Reflexology Eases Pain, Reduces Stress, Promotes Relaxation, and Improves Circulation. A Reflexology Practitioner Manipulates the Feet. Different Parts of The Body can be Treated by Manipulating Different Parts of The Foot. With Over 7,000 Nerve Endings, The Foot Is Suited to This Sensitive Manipulation.

60/90 MINUTES  35/59

Trigger Point Therapy Is A Form of Deep Tissue Massage That Is Very Effective for Pain Relief. It Is Also Known as Myofascial Release. Speaking Of “Muscle Knots” Really Refers to Myofascial Trigger Points. There Are No Actual Knots Involved. A Trigger Point (Trp) Is A Small Patch of Tightly Contracted Muscle, Or an Isolated Spasm Affecting Just A Small Patch of Muscle Tissue (Not A Whole-Muscle Spasm Like A “Charlie Horse” Or Cramp). That Small Patch of Knotted Muscle And/or Connective Tissue Cuts Off its Own Blood Supply, Which Irritates It Even More — A Vicious Cycle Called “Metabolic Crisis.”

A Collection of Too Many Nasty Trigger Points Is Called Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS). individual Trps And MPS Can Cause A Truly Spectacular Amount of Discomfort — Far More Than Most People Believe Is Possible — As we’ll As Some Surprising Side Effects. During Trigger Point Therapy, The Therapist Presses on And Stretches the Muscles to ensure Full Range of Motion, Thus Preventing Them from Referring Pain to Other Body Regions. The Therapist Relies on Referred Pain Patterns to Guide Their Treatment. At Times, The Release of These Trigger Points can be Uncomfortable, But the Lasting Change can be Felt Within Days Following A Session.

60/90 MINUTES 35/55

Prices are subject to change without notice and do not reflect variations in actual amounts to be paid, due to region, time of appointments, tips, application of surge pricing, discounts, or other factors. Actual charges may vary.