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The Hot Stone Massage Uses A Combination Of Warmed Stones And Our Own Massage Techniques To Relax Tense Muscles. The Heat Of The Stones Penetrates The Skin To Promote Better Blood Flow, Release Toxins And Create Deeper Muscle Relaxation Than A Standard Massage. At The Same Time, The Therapist Will Target Acupressure Points – Locations On The Body Which Encourage The Flow Of Energy And Promote The Body’s Own Healing Process. We Customize The Treatment To Each Client’s Specific Needs And Preferences.

60/90 MINUTES 10/15

Foot Reflexology Eases Pain, Reduces Stress, Promotes Relaxation, and Improves Circulation. A Reflexology Practitioner Manipulates The Feet. Different Parts Of The Body Can Be Treated By Manipulating Different Parts Of The Foot. With Over 7,000 Nerve Endings, The Foot Is Suited To This Sensitive Manipulation.

60/90 MINUTES 5/9

Trigger Point Therapy Is A Form Of Deep Tissue Massage That Is Very Effective For Pain Relief. It Is Also Known As Myofascial Release. Speaking Of “Muscle Knots” Really Refers To Myofascial Trigger Points. There Are No Actual Knots Involved. A Trigger Point (Trp) Is A Small Patch Of Tightly Contracted Muscle, Or An Isolated Spasm Affecting Just A Small Patch Of Muscle Tissue (Not A Whole-Muscle Spasm Like A “Charlie Horse” Or Cramp). That Small Patch Of Knotted Muscle And/Or Connective Tissue Cuts Off Its Own Blood Supply, Which Irritates It Even More — A Vicious Cycle Called “Metabolic Crisis.”

A Collection Of too Many Nasty Trigger Points Is Called Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS). Individual Trps And MPS Can Cause A Truly Spectacular Amount Of Discomfort — Far More Than Most People Believe Is Possible — As We’ll As Some Surprising Side Effects.

During Trigger Point Therapy, The Therapist Presses On And Stretches The Muscles To Ensure Full Range Of Motion, Thus Preventing Them From Referring Pain To Other Body Regions. The Therapist Relies On Referred Pain Patterns To Guide Their Treatment. At Times, The Release Of These Trigger Points Can Be Uncomfortable, But The Lasting Change Can Be Felt Within Days Following A Session.

60/90 MINUTES 5/5