Deep Tissue Massage Is A Type of Massage Therapy That Focuses on Realigning Deeper Layers of Muscles and Connective Tissue. It Is Especially Helpful for Chronically Tense and Contracted Areas Such as Stiff Necks, Low Back Tightness, And Sore Shoulders. Some of The Same Strokes Are Used as Classic Massage Therapy, But the Movement Is Slower, And the Pressure Is Deeper and Concentrated on Areas of Tension and Pain. Deep Tissue Massage Works by Physically Breaking Down These Adhesion’s to Relieve Pain and Restore Normal Movement.


Deep Tissue Massage Is Designed to Relieve Severe Tension in The Muscle and The Connective Tissue or Fascia. This Type of Massage Focuses on The Muscles Located Below the Surface of The Top Muscles.


60/90 MINUTES 30/50